Constance is my name and this is kinda like my online diary

Hola, my nombre es Constance. I was born in 91 and This is my online diary of sorts. I think something and post it just because. Your thoughts and opinions on my thoughts and opinions are welcomed. If you would like to get to know me feel free to messege me on facebook, I check it regularly.  no creepers please.



One Response to “Constance is my name and this is kinda like my online diary”

  1. Hey I’m Constance, I’m 18. Right now I attend my local community college taking a few classes here and there. I like the average teen, i have no clue what i want in life at the moment. i love kids and am currently flipflopping from one educational path to the other. Nursing or early child hood education? knowing myself, i do not thing that i can handle the stress of becoming let alone being a nurse. and i love kids, but the thought of being responsible for others kids for like 8 hours a day scares me shitless. but I will figure it out and you can follow me on my journey. Well thats not totally what this blog is about. I’m very opinionated and crazy at times and I’d like to share my thoughts on everyday news and current events and trends. Tell me what you think about what I think. It shall be fun. let the games begin!

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