So lately I’ve been completely fascinated with the sugar daddy sugar/baby community. I’ve been reading blogs and thinking to myself, How the hell do you get wrapped up in this? I mean, on one hand it sounds awesome, but on the other hand it sounds a bit like prostitution. well if you are the kind of sugar baby that puts out that is; i know that some are. You buy me nice things and I’ll be you arm candy/ girlfriend / do nice things for you? Is that how this works?

Personally I would like a gay sugar daddy. I’ll be your arm candy and help you cover up the fact that your gay by letting you show me off to your family. You can take me out to corporate outings so no one catches on. In return kind sir I just want a gym membership and a charge card or an allowance.And the added safety that I will not at any given moment will be getting pawed at. See we both win. It’s not like I’m one of those those kind of girls  that would bankrupt a guy, I don’t want that many things I just cant afford the clothes I like, and hey if you’re gay, you can shop with me, we could be best friends. and if you decide to come out I’ll support and help you the whole way through.

You see I want the sugar baby lifestyle without feeling like a hooker, because lets face it, I’m not that kind of chick. I’m not gonna get sucked into the lie that it will be just an arm candy relationship then next thing you this guy is forcing yourself on me. So this is it. if I ever did something like this it would have to be a gay man. Not that I condone hiding your true self, but if you feel like you want to I mean i’ll help you for a price.


~ by Connie on September 29, 2012.

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