Cell phones are extremely over rated

So I just got a new cell phones and I love it. But it got me thinking, why are phones priced the way they are? I mean I paid 150 dollars for a blackberry that does what this new phone does just in a more complicated way. Also it ended up having a lot of freezing and shutting off issues. On the plus side the blackberry was completely 100% customizable and with new phone I cant seem to get rid of this damn auto correct to save my life

on the other hand this phone has lot of free apps being that it is an android powered phone. It nice to see that they haven’t become greedy and money hungry to the point where you cant use ur phone with out ur credit card on hand. Im not a fan of contract phones so I just have to take what I can get with my repaid service (virgin mobile). So I’m very satisfied with the android option they had and I was with the blackberrry until it bacame worn out plus I wasn’t a fan of buying every phone feature either. It just makes me mad that I can’t buy a phone for what’s it really worth.


~ by Connie on July 12, 2012.

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