Yes! you are suppose to tip the housekeeper.

Think of it like this, you tip your waitress; why? because he/she takes your order brings your food and clean up you plates when you leave. Yes this is he/shes job but you tip to show you appreciation. So it is the same concept when you stay in an hotel, they clean up after you replace your dirty towels and sheets and they when bring anything to your room when you ask for it, so naturally you would leave a tip to show your appreciation. but no, most people are not aware that this a normal thing. How do you know when you should tip your housekeeper?

1.Definitly if you are staying more than one night

2.Trash! if you have excessive bags of trash in your room.

3.You used all of your towels including some extras

4.Crumbs and things of that nature smashed into the carpet

5. Stains on the sheets

6. Finger prints, finger prints and more finger prints

7.Ring around the tub

8.Surprises left in the toilet


10. Things are destroyed

How much to tip?

Anywhere from $2-$20 depending on the state of the room at checkout time.


~ by Connie on July 2, 2011.

One Response to “Yes! you are suppose to tip the housekeeper.”

  1. […] Worker conditions at Hyatt hotels have long been contested by housekeepers. […]

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