It Would Be Great If I Could Win a Car.

There are so many contests out there where you can win cars and money. so i decided to go on a crazy search for these contests and enter in the hopes that i can get a car and then turn around and win some money so I can pay the taxes on the car.This plan is far fetched and unrealistic but i can dream can’t I? I sometimes wish i could be one of those people that run into wealthy people just walking down the street. and the wealthy person is just like “hey do u need a used car?, the 4,000 dollars you need for a car is chump change to me, here you go!!!!” and i’m like omg you are so generous and kind. and i begin to cry and do my there is a god happy dance. yea this is cooky and i’m crazy for even dreaming this could even happen or that people just give cars away for no reason other then the person is broke young and slightly confused about the future. well i can dream that’s all


~ by Connie on December 26, 2010.

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