Christmas??? F*@k it

Unfortunately I am a Grinch.I don’t hate Christmas, I just dislike it a lot. I mean for people who aren’t religious it’s more about family, togetherness and who can out gift each other. I tend to fall in the middle I believe in god and i do attend a church service here and there and every now and again. But my family doesn’t encourage church. They aren’t against it, but they don’t go themselves so as a result it’s a lead by example type of situation. You understand where I’m coming from? My family isn’t exactly the huggy huggy lets curl up around the fire types either, so Christmas in my would tends to fall flat. Gifts aren’t exactly given either. between money and my mothers lack of effort to even remotely try to give a gift with any meaning despite price (could be something free), gifts run scarce around these parts. Lack of gifts, togetherness, religion= suck ass Christmas. Maybe ill travel this X-mas and i’ll make it my own kind of special. Christmas in Florida sounds nice(I wish that were possible), but what i really want is Linkin Park tickets for Christmas, tickets and family.


~ by Connie on November 29, 2010.

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