Ghetto Names Gone Too Far

So the other day I thought I had heard all the possible bad choices for names to give you child until my cousin sat me down and reminded me of the stupidity in this world. For example the poor kid thats out there with name Female, pronounced Fe mah lee. This person obviously could not read. Or the womans whos first name is ladyuniqueblackqueen. Yes all one word. Or how about the woman whos name is La-a, pronounced Ladasha. Whos has the balls to give their kids such names? I mean do the parents really think thier kids will be taken seriously in life with a name like La-a. so remember parents when you are naming your kids keep it classy and creative. Creative doesn’t always have to mean ghetto as hell. Classy doesn’t have to mean boring. No more accents and weird placed apostrophes and q’s and strategically placed k’s. No more Labrasia’s and Tyreeka’s and A`shanea’s. Come on people we can do better. Stop setting up our children for a life of harsh judgement and horrid first impressions. Keep it classy.


~ by Connie on October 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “Ghetto Names Gone Too Far”

  1. latoya is not getto!!

  2. 1. Courtney >.<

  3. :
    do you know how annoying it is as a teacher trying to SAY these names????

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