believe me from a kids point of view ur a good parent.

So as of lately some adults in my life have questioned their parenting and have asked me for my opinion; being that i was a bad ass kid not so long ago (8 Years ago). ok grown ups u are not a bad parent if ur kid fucks up. it’s not a direct reflection on you. ur kid could just be having an off day. or they could be jealous of a sibling. or they could be worried about something and may be trying to take thier minds off it. or just that kids needs a hobby. I say all of these because i’ve done it all. i’ve been through all of these stages at one point or another. so maybe it’s really not you, it’s ur crazy ass kids being a little off sometimes.


~ by Connie on October 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “believe me from a kids point of view ur a good parent.”

  1. The kid might just be acting out, or the parent could actually just be a bad parent. We lucked out Connie. We both have, and know good parents. But some kids don’t have good parents, and on top of that don’t have parental figures to turn to. There’s plenty of factors that go into a kid acting out. But I’m sure the people you know are great parents, duh! lol they know you!

  2. thanks for making me feel better ❤

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